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About The Artist


Michael J. Bouton specializes in creating daring and robust depictions of inner city life.  These highly interpretive works portray colorful, raw emotions from every inch of canvas.  While most of his works characterize “life on the street”, they are not ‘copies’ of the action.  Inspired by the style of well-known Mexican artist Diego Rivera, every one of Michael’s creations is an original-formed in the mind and heart of the artist.

Bouton is a professional, whose interest is in making the public aware of the societal conditions of America’s inner cities.  Through his art he attacks the problems of alcohol and drug abuse, poverty and the hardships that are faced by people living in the streets.  Bouton attributes much of his artistic inspiration to the very fabric of his being-his family and personal experiences.

Born the child of a bi-racial family at a time when mixed marriages were not accepted, Bouton survived the frustrating times of constant racial bias.  He went on to serve in the military, followed by an exemplary life as a police officer, became an advocate for the homeless, and helped those with drug addiction so that others might be able to find a path to a better life.